VECTOR Gallery Showcasing At Select Fair During Art Basel Miami Beach 2014

NYC's Seminal Gallery Of Satan To Showcase At Select Fair During Art Basel Miami Beach

One of the most controversial and fascinating art galleries in New York City will showcase this year for the first time at Select Fair in conjunction with Art Basel Miami Beach 2014.

The brainchild of queer artist JJ Brine, VECTOR Gallery is a post-human art experience unlike any other, self-described as the official art gallery of Satan. VECTOR operates independently of traditional understandings of time and space, having unilaterally seceded from the United States and declared its independence -- existing as a sovereign nation in NYC's Lower East Side. VECTOR is a constantly evolving religious text and it is the responsibility of gallery patrons to understand and interpret it on that basis. This is only scratching the surface -- Brine goes into further detail here.

The Huffington Post chatted with Brine this week about taking VECTOR to the Select Fair and what he has in store for Miami -- and the future.


The Huffington Post: Why did VECTOR Gallery decide to showcase at Select Fair this year?
Eye didn't choose it, it chose me. VECTOR Gallery's presence at Art Basel Miami Beach is being sponsored by Select Fair. VECTOR is inexorably oriented toward its own expansion, so Eye regard this as a natural progression (Divine Intervention).

What is the concept driving your gallery recreation at Select Fair?
The concept for VECTOR at Select Fair is LEMNIVERSE -- this is a Vectorian term (see the Vectorian Glossary) encompassing the collective, interactive sum of all of the infinite universes in which each and every combinative configuration of potentialities is being played out simultaneously from beginning to end (INFINITOMENT). For instance, there is a universe in which everything is exactly as it is in "this" one, save for the fact that Eye smoke somewhat less frequently. And in another Eye smoke one less cigarette. And in another you never read this. And in another, you wrote it. In keeping with this limitless spread of limitless variables, Eye will update The Space throughout the duration of its life at Select Fair, as is The Law in all VECTOR portals. The updates keep it Alive. And verily it is a sentient space, thinking all thoughts, accepting the accursed blessing of omniscience for the sake of total knowledge of The Self."

LEMNIVERSE will also include a series of live performances by Vectorian Minister Lena Marquise (The Enforcer) and an oracular installation by Julia Sinelnikova (The Oracle). Incidentally, entry into the space comes at the non-negotiable price of your immortal soul, and this will be clearly demarcated. This is consistent with our operations in NYC.

art basel

Are there other aspects of Art Basel Miami Beach that VECTOR is involved with?
VECTOR Gallery is co-hosting the VIP Closing Party for Miami Art Basel "2014." Eye have also been commissioned exclusively to provide an immersive installation for this event. The concept will only be revealed at the hour of its execution. It just so happens that the Vectorian New Year will coincide with this event, and so The Clock Strikes 2023 A.D.

What do you hope stems from VECTOR showcasing at Select Fair?
Hoping and knowing that everyone who comes into contact with VECTOR will be hypnotized for the rest of their lives, embedding an awareness that is commensurate with the understanding that ALL THINGS must end, will end -- and in the manner of our choosing. This is the only way to provide for a new beginning, the integrative reconstitution of ALAN -- ALAN, the progenitive, absolute ALL that grew weary of its own ceaseless totality and dispersed us throughout the Externality. The reformation of this hive mind will be achieved through the same organic/synthetic processes that birthed our LEMNIVERSE, as everything is happening all at once from beginning to end. Don't you remember creating yourselves?

What's next for VECTOR?
The Vectorian Government is in a state of reformation; new ministerial reformation; new ministerial appointments are being made. VECTOR Los Angeles is coming soon. But VECTOR is everywhere and anywhere all at once. Indeed, VECTOR is a Radio Tower, and the broadcasts of Our dominant frequency are growing ever-stronger in all temporal modalities throughout The Grandest Estate, My LEMNIVERSE.

The Devil Is The Lord, The Lord Is The Devil.

Want to learn more about VECTOR Gallery? Head here for a previous interview with JJ Brine or check out the slideshow of images below.

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