'Veep' Producers Explain Why 'Despicable' Selina Meyer Is Basically Donald Trump

“I would argue, if anybody is Trump, Selina is Trump."

The executive producers of HBO’s hit satirical comedy “Veep” said they see a lot of similarities between Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ character Selina Meyer and President Donald Trump.

Frank Rich and David Mandel amusingly listed just some of the likenesses in an interview on Thursday with Ari Melber, the host of MSNBC’s “The Beat.”

“I would argue, if anybody is Trump, Selina is Trump,” said Mandel, whose show concludes with the current seventh and final season.

“Not that anybody is Trump,” he added. “She’s horrific and despicable in many similar ways, and sort of holds grudges, and has a very sort of a hair-trigger temper and that kind of a thing.”

Rich noted how Meyer “pretends to like her family” and “doesn’t give a lot to charity, I don’t think.”

Mandel highlighted Meyer’s penchant for invoking God “when she feels it serves her own purposes.” Rich then recalled her looking “at the index of her own memoir to find out her position on abortion.”

Mandel rounded off the similarities by claiming that Meyer was “not fond of her own children and never pays taxes, but other than that …”

Trump isn’t the only real-life politician who figures in the TV show. Timothy Simons, who plays the insufferable Jonah Ryan on “Veep,” said last month that his character is based on the “charmless,” “graceless” and “universally disliked” Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas).

Check out the interview with Rich and Mandel above.

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