Veep Star Anna Chlumsky Talks About the Show, the Cast, and Much More

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In addition to wanting to be Bernadette Peters growing up, I also wanted to be a paleontologist, a choreographer, a flight attendant, a horse dentist, a jockey, a journalist, and a zoologist.

I don't know, because I didn't. I pursued editing and writing in-between my childhood career and my career now.

There's a secret passage on...I wanna say the 5th floor? 4th floor? From Cobb to Gates-Blake. My friend Chrystyna and I used it to go from German to a math tutorial during our first year.

Also, it's far from secret, but I just love the fact that there's a fully functioning pub under Ida Noyes. Very Alice in Wonderland. Speaking of Alice in Wonderland, don't get me started on the old Seminary Co-op. So sad it's gone. Ah, me.

Y'know, that's a terrific question. I'm not quite sure. Is it because TV reaches a broader audience - as it's in all of our living rooms - and film's a destination? So, anyone can pick up a show like they do a book. They don't have to wait for Saturday night to make a date. That just makes it a numbers thing. That's my best guess. Numbers are usually my guess when it comes to a question of business strategy.

I say plays are like weight training, film is a sprint, and TV is a marathon. With film or TV, you get at most a day to work on a scene. In a play, you get eight times a week to work on it, and it's different every time.

It's a dream job. Everyone is there to create the best show we can, and we trust each other to do so.

I relate to her personality in that she desires order and control (I'm working on chilling the control thing out in my own life). She doesn't suffer fools easily and neither do I. But that's kind of where we stop. She's very myopic in her aims. She lets no pleasure in her life if it even hints at distracting her from a goal. I love my job too, but I like to think I've got a bit more balance. And I have respect for people. Amy does not.

First season, lots of people asked, "Oh! Are you her assistant?". No. Amy's Chief of Staff. Nothing wrong with being an assistant, but a Chief of Staff is the boss, people. Amy runs that ship. (Well, she does her best.)

Yes. Before the pilot we all went to DC for a very glam field trip where we got a chance to meet people who've held similar jobs to ours at the beginning of the series. Our consultants are indispensable to us. We glean whatever we can from them.

Veep shoots in Baltimore because of 1) Its proximity to DC and the environs. It's easier to shoot a show that takes place in the Chesapeake if you're not building the aesthetic from scratch, as we'd have to in another city; and 2) Maryland is very supportive to film productions, as I understand it.

And onto some random Hollywood questions...

He was terrific. He loved this job, and he loved his cast mates. I always felt taken care of with him, and I didn't even work with him that long. What a wonderful force he was. It's a damn shame we lost him.

It was a while ago when I was on 30 Rock, but I remember Tina being terribly gracious and welcoming to me.

Law & Order is such a well-oiled machine. You just let them take you by the hand, show you how they block-shoot the courtroom scenes, (all scenes one way, and then reverse) and go for it.

Persevere. Be seen as much as possible doing your best possible work. Do three things per day for your career. Auditions are a chance to act for ten minutes, regardless of the outcome. Not every job is going to be awesome, but that doesn't mean you don't love what you do - an awesome one is around the corner, and you want to be ready for it.

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