Vegan Eggnog Does Indeed Exist. Here's The Recipe.

Everyone will love it.

Eggnog is a holiday classic, no doubt. While we crave it this time of year, this dense beverage has the tendency to make us feel a little queasy after a few sips -- aside from all the booze added to it, it's probably because of all the raw egg yolk in its base. And then there's the fact that our vegan friends and family can't partake. No fun.

Maybe the solution is vegan eggnog -- for vegans and non-vegans alike.

Edible Perspective

As you may have deduced, vegan eggnog is made with absolutely no egg. Instead, coconut, nut milk and dates get blended together to make a creamy concoction that's irresistible when flavored with vanilla and nutmeg (and, ahem, bourbon). Even eggnog purists will agree that this version on the classic is good.

There are many different ways to make vegan eggnog, but we're partial to the recipe by food blogger Edible Perspective. Give it a try and we're pretty sure you'll be converted.

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