17 Vegan Instagram Accounts You Should Definitely Be Following

Much more than kale, folks!

Instagram is overloaded with cute dogs, cute babies and cute babies crawling with cute dogs, but we're really in it for the food.

With the flick of a screen, you might be able to decide the restaurant at which you'll be celebrating your birthday. In a couple of seconds you might conclude, "Why yes, I really do want chocolate right now." And you might be inspired by a recipe and end up falling in love with a dish totally new to you.

There are tons (tons!) of niche Instagrammers with specialized diets, from #paleo to #raw to #glutenfree, but today we're looking at the #vegan accounts that really stick out. This collection of 5-star food photographers will get you in the mood to whip up something tasty, clean and possibly green.

Plant Based Pixie
This is a breakfast fit for vegan royalty, and yet you don't need a crown to enjoy it: Banana chocolate chip pancakes with blueberry chia jam, blueberries, strawberries and chocolate.

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Nom Yourself
Coffee glazed doughnuts combine everything required for a perfect breakfast into one, adorable pastry circle.

See more @nomyourself
Sweet Simple Vegan
Ice cream for breakfast is permitted when it's this banana ice cream with fresh fruit, chocolate sauce and granola.

See more @sweetsimplevegan
Kai Nora
This sandwich is stuffed with vegan cream cheese, banana, strawberry and hazelnut butter.

See more @knfx
Slow Club Cookery
It's always soup weather when this sriracha lime-spiked miso broth with bok choy, shallots and pickled shiitake mushrooms is being served.

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The Dreamy Leaf
Tacos are terrific, especially these ones, which are made from whole wheat tortillas and generously stuffed with hummus, grilled vegetables and so much more.

See more @TheDreamyLeaf
Pure Vegan Food
No dairy. No flour. No butter. And yet, a raspberry cheesecake that looks like this exists.

See more @pureveganfood
Pizza lovers, rejoice! This pie comes together beautifully with tomato paste, herbs, vegan mozzarella, red onion, courgette, mushrooms, tomato, spinach and black pepper.

See more @mamtaseats
Dana Shultz
Do not attempt to take a bite of your screen, just make these chocolate cupcakes at home.

See more @minimalistbaker
The Vegan Pecan
Why wouldn't you stuff your veggies inside a sushi roll? All snug in red rice is avocado, celery, mint, sweet potato, fennel, cucumber, green beans and kale.

See more @theveganpecan
A Vegan Frenke
If you could have a smoothie that tastes like mounds of ice cream for breakfast, why wouldn't you?

See more @a_vegan_frenke
Oh Holy Basil
This cranberry fig crostata in an almond oat crust is vegan and gluten-free. How's that for pie?

See more @ohholybasil
Fruit And Chia
Pesto + zucchini noodles = a dinner staple.

See more @fruitandchia
Diem Ly
Avocado toast can't possibly get old, especially when it invites squash to join.

See more @dltvo
Yvonne Ardestani
These waffles are talented: They manage to be light, crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside -- all at once!

See more @yvonne_deliciously_vegan
Whole Food Bites
Creamy sweet potato and coriander soup puts cold weather in its place.

See more @wholefoodbites
Steph Yu
Baked potatoes can be considered fries when they look like this. Add a point for dipping them in vegan barbecue sauce.

See more @happyandhealthy96

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