Vegan Milk Chocolate Is Totally a Thing, and It's Delicious

Vegan Milk Chocolate Is Totally a Thing, and It's Delicious
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I love milk chocolate. There, I said it. Sometimes I want to savor a piece of the darkest chocolate, and sometimes I want to relax into the luscious creaminess of milk chocolate. And it turns out that some of the best milk chocolates I've tasted are actually vegan: They're made with coconut milk! Now, this isn't any old chocolate with coconut milk added. As with all of the chocolate I write about on this site, these goodies are all bean to bar, all the time.

Here are five of my favorite coconut milk chocolates from some of the best makers around! Click here to find these delicious chocolates in your neighborhood!

Coconut Milk From Charm School Chocolate


This vegan maker has created a truly scrumptious bar with single-origin cocoa beans from Belize, coconut milk, whole vanilla beans, and sea salt. No wonder it won awards at both the 2016 International Chocolate Awards and the 2015 Good Food Awards!

Coconut Milk From Raaka Chocolate


Dark chocolate meets coconut in this 60 percent bar from the hip Brooklyn company for a bar that tastes as good as it looks. Find notes of caramel and strawberry in this melt-in-your-mouth goodie.

Coconut and Caramelized Ginger From Madre Chocolate


Caramelized ginger ups the ante in this coconut milk bar from Hawaii. There's a reason it won a gold medal at the 2014 Northwest Chocolate Festival and is the company's most popular seller.

Buddha Collection Truffles From French Broad Chocolates


French Broad Chocolates makes much more than bars with their bean-to-bar chocolate: At their café in Asheville, North Carolina, you'll find cakes, cookies, drinking chocolate, and bonbons. Of course, you can also order some of those sweets online, including this coconut cream collection of vegan truffles: Think classics like chocolate caramel as well as unusual flavors like olive oil, orange, and fennel.

Coconut Couverture from Zotter Chocolate


White chocolate meets its vegan maker in this rich couverture chocolate perfect for baking or making bonbons. Zotter adds a chaser of bourbon vanilla to the mix for an added bonus.

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