Vegan Protesters Chew Ears Off Steakhouse Customers

"Why is there no dog meat?"

Maybe these vegans should take their beef elsewhere.

An animal-rights group's guerrilla-style protest at a Toronto steakhouse is earning plenty of sizzle in the media -- but not all for the right reasons.

Some have called out Direct Action Everywhere Toronto for its tactics.

In a video of the demonstration, a woman approaches the hostess at The Keg Mansion steakhouse in Toronto and asks for dog meat, launching into a routine that leads to a full-on disruption. Other protesters herd into the dining room carrying signs that read: "It's not food. It's violence."

Diners appear mostly amused and eventually the demonstrators are politely ushered out. This is Canada, after all.

But according to some social and media sites, the protest was not well done. "This is how you give your movement a bad name," Viral Viral Videos wrote.

One post of the video on Reddit was headlined, "Group of Assholes Ruin Dinner @ Keg Mansion."

Jenny McQueen, one of the protest organizers, told "We're trying to cause a little disruption in society. Society normalizes violence against animals, unknowingly a lot of the time. People eat meat, buy meat from the supermarket. They don't realize what they're eating or what they're buying was a thinking and feeling animal. You know, pigs feel pain just like cats and dogs."

Did Direct Action Everywhere Toronto successfully get to the meat of the matter or was its method overcooked? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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