Vegan Subway: Sandwich Chain To Introduce Three New Vegan-Friendly Subs In Beltway Locations

Subway Goes Vegan

Subway is already the world's largest restaurant chain. Now, they're working on appealing to a whole new kind of consumer: the vegan.

Animal advocacy organization, Compassion Over Killing, recently convinced Subway locations in Canada to sell a "Totally Vegged" vegan patty. Now, that effort has extended to select DC, Maryland and Virginia locations, via COK's "We Love Subway" campaign.

Until now, vegan Subway customers had been confined to the "Veggie Delight" sandwich: basically a pile of vegetables on one of their all-vegan breads, with condiments. This week, eight Beltway locations will roll out three new all-vegan sandwiches: Sweet Riblet, Malibu Greek and Italian Black Bean, giving the vegan Subway consumers of the world some protein on their subs.

We share Vegansaurus' sentiment on the matter: SANDWICHES FOREVER!

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