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MS and 100 Pounds Fade Away Eating Mostly Raw, Vegan Diet

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I have been on a serious health journey for more than three years now. Here is my story. This is going to be a shocker because lots of people don't know this entire story. Even some of my family and closest friends don't know what I have been through with regard to my health. I will share the details in hopes of inspiring people to eat more plants and fewer animals.

In 2000 I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. It was a very, very dark and scary time. When I tell you I got down lots on my hands and knees and prayed for God's help I am not exaggerating! I was scared, very scared. I walked around like a zombie for years. Then I went on about my life, getting married, buying a house, having two beautiful children. After all this, about 3.5 years ago, I was still really scared. I was not feeling good, I had an IV in my arm receiving intravenous steroids, and I was more than 100 pounds overweight. Plus, every day I had to have my husband give me my medication, which was a shot, for my MS. How could this happen? I was in a dark place.

So I decided to make a change. I went to a personal trainer named Heidi who happened to move right next door where I was working. The universe works in strange ways. I sat with her in tears: How could this be? How could I have allowed myself to be so unhealthy and so overweight? She was amazing and assured me I would be fine. I worked with her for about eight months. I lost some weight and inches but most importantly I made fitness part of my life. My next step was to join a gym and see if I could keep up my fitness. I joined and I did keep up. I started running races. I did 5k races and then 5-mile races.

I then decided to go off my MS medication. My instincts have always been right for me. I believe 100 percent in the power of my own healing through diet and exercise. I do supplement with vitamin D3 and B12, which I believe are both very important. I am not saying everyone should go off their medication -- you have to do what YOUR instincts tell YOU.

I then really started looking at what I was eating. I had tried to cut back on meat and dairy because I knew it was not good for MS. I decided to become a vegetarian -- no more chicken wings and blue cheese dressing! Interestingly, when I was diagnosed with MS 12 years ago, I read about the benefits of leafy greens for MS and I had tried with a $50 juicer to juice kale, but it was not up to the task. So when I finally got a good quality juicer and started drinking green drinks, things changed. This was a pivotal moment in my journey. Ever since I started drinking green drinks I have had not one episode of MS. I kid you not! That was a little more than three years ago.

If you were following my prior post, you know 2011 was the year I fully committed to a life of health. I decided to try eating only raw and vegan food for a few days. Well, those first few days turned into almost a year. I felt amazing. I ate so many fruits and veggies, I went to a fruit festival, I met lots of inspirational raw and vegan people, hung out at a Peace Summit, did a 5-day Organic Avenue juice cleanse and started writing my book. Magic and miracles followed me around in 2011. I owe it all to the fruits and veggies!

When October hit and we had our first snowstorm I was cold and I wanted a little soup, so I had some soup and even some steamed broccoli. During the holidays I definitely had some slip-ups. They were good for me. They reminded me how awful I feel when I eat bad stuff. They also helped me realize where I tend to fall off the wagon: social events.

Going forward I will eat vegan and mostly raw. I believe in the power of raw foods but I think it might be virtually impossible for me to stay 100 percent raw forever. So I will probably eat around 95 percent raw. My diet for the most part consists of fruit for breakfast, a green drink mid-morning, a huge salad for lunch, fruit for a snack and another salad for dinner, or if I am feeling cold, I might have a big bowl of steamed broccoli for dinner.

In 2011 I lost 70 pounds, so I have now lost a little over 100 pounds altogether since my journey began 3.5 years ago! I am medication free! I run races and feel great! I am on my raw and vegan journey and I feel very healthy! Look for my before and after pictures to be posted soon!

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