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Roulette Wheel In Las Vegas Casino Reportedly Hits 7 Straight 19s (PHOTO) (UPDATE)

UPDATE: According to the official blog of the hotels and casinos operated by Caesars Entertainment (which includes the Rio), the number 19 streak was because of a glitch in the roulette's display. "The numeric displays on roulette tables are more of a convenience for players, and their number sensor thingys sometimes get it wrong. These displays have nothing to do with the roulette wheels, and are no reflection on the integrity of the game," the blog states.


In what might be one of the rarest documented roulette runs in Las Vegas history, a professional gambler has taken a photograph that purportedly shows a roulette wheel hitting the number 19 seven times in a row.

The odds of this incredible run occurring? Three billion to one.

According to the Las Vegas Sun, professional poker player Jeff Romano was at Rio Casino on Monday when he captured the image on his iPhone's camera and uploaded it to Twitter.

In a subsequent tweet, Romano wrote that he had been "walking back to the poker room" when he passed the roulette table and saw the improbable statistic. He noted that there were a few people at the roulette table "jumping up and down" and "going crazy."

According to the Sun, Caesars Entertainment was unaware of the event until the paper contacted them.

Though the 'lucky' streak has yet to verified, Romano's photograph has generated plenty of interest on the Internet.

Commenting on a Yahoo! News report on this story, a reader named Zach mused over the possible monetary benefits of such an unlikely streak.

Just for giggles, if you had made a $5 bet on #19, and let it ride all seven times, you would have won $321,696,484,375 and instantly become the wealthiest person alive (as well as bankrupt the entire organization).

Other commenters expressed practical concerns, with many asserting that the wheel was likely broken or being tested when the photograph was taken.