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Vegetables Make A Meal (And Cook) Look Better, Study Finds

Study finds that a more positive perception is had of a cook who serves veggies.

Good news, parents: It looks like making your kids eat their vegetables -- no matter how stressful it can be -- has been very good for your image. A new study, funded by Pinnacle Foods' Birds Eye brand (the company that sells frozen veggies) and published in Public Health Nutrition, has found that "adding vegetables to the plate led to more positive evaluations of both the main entrée and the cook."

Since serving vegetables means you look good, your meal looks good and there's nutrition to boot, you really shouldn't throw up your hands in the kids vs. vegetable battle. Rather brush up on tips for the best way to get your kids to go from positively perceiving vegetables to actually consuming them. And learning how to make those vegetables taste better is a good place to start.

If you didn't know, there are tons of ways to serve broccoli beyond steaming it and green beans are so much better when not pale and limp. Check out what to do with all the other vegetables, too.

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