Watch What Happens When A Vegetarian Eats Meat For First Time In Decades

"Really fell hard off that ledge."

Stephanie Potakis could have ended her 22-year reign as a vegetarian with a discreet bite or two of steak. Instead, she attended a meat orgy and invited the internet to watch.

In this popular video posted Nov. 1 by the A.V. Club, Potakis, casting director for The Onion, was presented with succulent animal dishes at Swift & Sons in Chicago.

Potakis told the A.V. Club she became a vegetarian in the fourth grade to help spare the environment and “save the world.” But a recent visit to a rib festival made her reconsider her beef with meat. “The ribs looked so delicious and smelled so good, I figured it might be time to change things up,” she told The Huffington Post.

Clearly, the steaks are high. Bon appetit, Stephanie.

h/t Uproxx

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