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These Vegetarian Meatballs Are Made With Eggplant, And They're The Real Deal

If you thought meat was required to make meatballs, you thought wrong.

By their name alone, meatballs subtly hint at their main ingredient -- meat. And yet, these vegetarian meatballs are made with no meat at all, and they pull off the good work that a good meatball does. Who woulda thunk? Check these out:

veggie meatball

The secret is eggplant. Yes, marvelous eggplant gives these balls a "savory, meaty vibe," says blogger Ciao Veggie, who masterminded this recipe. Pulse breadcrumbs, cooked eggplant and a few other spices in the food processor and once the mixture sets, roll them into balls to pan fry. When they're brown and ready, eat 'em on their own, douse them in marinara or top them on spaghetti with a little bit of feta for a smart, Italian twist. Mama Mia, these meatballs are destined for tastiness. Get the whole recipe here.

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