Vegetarian And Vegan Pet Peeves: What Not To Say To Someone Who Doesn't Eat Meat

No matter their reason for choosing to forgo meat, vegetarians and vegans are certainly entitled to eat how they'd like. And yet, despite noted benefits like increased happiness, reduced stress and even potentially longer lives, many report facing confusion and disapproval from carnivorous dining partners.

We asked our Facebook community and Twitter followers to share their biggest frustrations about the feedback they get on their vegetarian and vegan diets. Here are some of our favorites.

Do you wear leather? --Sydney S. Wiggins

Aside from the "are you getting enough protein?" question which is a constant, I hear "I tried that for a week. Was sick the whole time. Some people just need animals to live." --Erin Noel Grennan

"Where do you get your protein?!?!" No one ever cared before I was vegan! Why do they care now? --Laura Guest Baker

"But you'll eat chicken, right? " *sigh* --Hazel Willis Walker

Are you vegetarian or vegan? Tell us what you wish people would stop saying in the comments below! And read on for more:

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