If Everyone Were Vegetarian, This Is How The World Would Look

More forests, anyone?

Vegan butcher shops exist in the U.S. now, but only about three percent of the American population is fully vegetarian.

Imagine, for a moment, if steak houses became seitan houses and not a single person on the planet consumed meat. How would the world look?

Very different, as the AsapScience video above explains. Without meat-eaters, the planet would have a lot more land available that could be restored from dry pastures into grasslands or forests.

This could help counteract the intense climate change we're seeing today. In fact, many scientists believe consuming less meat could make a big impact on climate: Livestock production is responsible for about 15 percent of global greenhouse emissions, which contribute to global warming.

Despite what we know about the environmental and health benefits of vegetarianism, it's unlikely the whole world will one day up and abandon its meat-eating ways. But, on an individual level, reducing meat consumption -- even if it's just for a few meals or for one day a week -- can have really positive effects one's health as well as the planet.

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