Behold, The Veggie Burger That Bleeds

Who's hungry?

If you thought veggie burgers were made to satisfy people who didn't like eating meat, you were so wrong. Impossible Food and $75 million are trying to prove the misconception by working on creating a veggie burger that will give you a real beef burger experience.

Biochemistry scientist Patrick Brown of Impossible Foods has been working on a veggie burger that will look and feel like a meat burger. His Veggie Burger 4.0 will smell and sear like meat when cooked, and it'll feel like animal tissue and "bleed" when bitten into. Who's hungry?

Brown's mission to recreate the burger experience entirely from plants has come a long way since its inception. He told the Wall Street Journal that the first burger tasted like rancid polenta, and this latest one is a cross between a burger and a turkey burger. We're not sure which is worse.

How does he get his veggie patties to bleed? It all lies in heme, which is found in hemoglobin -- a component of blood -- and also found in plants. With that in hand -- and his years of scientific research -- Brown has created something none of us ever knew we wanted: vegetable blood.

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