Veggieducken: The Vegetarian Turducken Your Thanksgiving Table Needs (VIDEO)

Looking for a veggie-friendly Thanksgiving show-stopper?

We keep the company of some excellent vegetarians. As such, we are always inclined to think of their needs first when planning dinner parties they'll attend. Because we all love vegetables so much, we end up eating vegetarian a lot of the time anyway, but big holidays always feel especially daunting. We want to make sure that our favorite vegetarians get to eat something substantial, comforting and delicious on Thanksgiving, but it's always been hard to match the spectacle of the giant bird in the middle of the table.

Until now. Behold, the Veggieducken. Yep, we're talking vegetarian turducken here, and if you're looking for a veggie-friendly show-stopper, look no further. Vegetarian Thanksgiving might never be the same.

Because we are like this, we'd likely end up adding some mushrooms and a significant amount of butter to that thing -- but as always, you should cater to your tastes and those of your guests. If you make one, please let us know how much it weighs. We're pretty certain we'll be impressed.

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