Iowa State University Kills Annual VEISHEA Celebration After Riots

ISU Students Lose Their Excuse To Riot

Iowa State University students have rioted during VEISHEA for the last time.

ISU president Steven Leath announced Thursday the university will end VEISHEA, a nearly century-old annual celebration.

Leath's decision picks up on a unanimous vote from a task force formed to evaluate the celebration's future after students rioted during the 2014 week-long event. The event is alcohol free, but largely known as an excuse to party all week.

"Right now, when freshmen come to campus, they're under the impression that VEISHEA is spring break without leaving campus," Leath said at a press conference Thursday.

It was the third riot in two decades during VEISHEA. One person was seriously hurt during the 2014 incident.

Leath said at a press conference the university couldn't have problems, create a task force and then risk seeing more issues arise, according to the Des Moines Register.

"That's the definition of insanity," Leath said.

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