This Robot Is Faster Than Usain Bolt, Proving That Bot Apocalypse Is Getting Closer Every Day

If you thought Usain Bolt was fast, you should see the new velociraptor-like "Raptor" robot created by scientists in Korea.

The Jamaican sprinter can run 45 kilometers an hour (km/h), or 27 miles per hour. That makes him the world's fastest human. But according to the robot's developers, the bipedal Raptor can go 46 km/h, or 29 mph. Just have a look at the video above.

What explains the Raptor's impressive speed? Maybe its bare-bones design. The 3-kg (6.6-pound) robot has spindly carbon fiber legs, shock-absorbing tendons, a tail, and not much else.

Fast as it is, though, the Raptor is no match for Boston Dynamics' Cheetah robot. Having surpassed 29 mph, that guy holds the current record for legged robots.

The Raptor was developed at the Mechatronics, Systems and Control Lab at KAIST, a university in Daejeon, Korea.



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