Velvet Cake Recipes In Every Single Color (PHOTOS)

Forget Red, Try Velvet Cakes In Every Color

When it comes to velvet cake, why does red get all the glory? These buttermilk cakes are just as good -- and maybe even a little more exciting -- when made with other colors. Because that's all that velvet cakes are (in case you're one of the many thousands who isn't quite sure), just buttermillk, a touch of cocoa powder and food coloring. And red has had its moment, it's time to give other colors a chance.

While its origin is unclear, most people believe that this cake got its name becuase of the reddish hue that was produced by the reaction between natural cocoa powder and buttermilk. But now we use food coloring to heighten the color. And since we're using food coloring, why not have some fun? Check out these velvet cakes in green, blue, orange and pink. And we threw a few red ones in there just for good measure.

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Black Velvet Cake

Velvet Cakes

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