Vending Machine Robot Can Get You Free Sodas

Never lose another $1.50 to a faulty vending machine again. The fury that comes from a vending machine eating your change? The frustration of staring at a bag of chips stuck between the shelf and the glass? Fear of getting your arm stuck in the machine? All gone! French YouTube user ioduremetallique has created a robot that can steal items from vending machines.

The robot has a video game-like controller, and the robot is essentially just a small claw. The claw is placed in the vending machine and can grab the sodas (or anything else, in theory) and give them to you.

In the video's description, Ioduremetallique explains that he made this robot and video for fun, not to promote theft. Roughly translated from French, he writes: "This video was released in order to entertain and in no way encourage anyone to steal anything."

This isn't Ioduremetallique's only invention. He's posted videos of many of his inventions on Youtube, including one for collecting rainwater, among other things. It looks like this kid has a great engineering career ahead of him.



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