Venetia Orcutt, George Washington University Professor, Didn't Teach Class, Gave Everyone A's

Imagine this: Your professor doesn't show up to any of your classes and gives everyone A's.

Sound like a dream (or a nightmare)? It really happened at George Washington University.

GWU medical professor Venetia Orcutt recently resigned after her students claimed that she played hooky more than once.

The Associated Press has more:

At least three students wrote letters to GW's provost this fall complaining that Orcutt did not teach two out of three semesters of a course on evidence-based medicine during the 2009-2010 school year. In the letters, obtained by The Associated Press, the students claim they were never told why the classes weren't taught and that they were all given "A'' grades.

A professor rating page for Orcutt turns up zero results.