Venezuelan Comedian Rants About Why Her Country Is ‘A Total Disaster’

"Let's start with how the place I love got f**ked"

In a new episode of Joanna Hausmann's video series, "Joanna Rants," the comedian explains how bad the political and economic situation in her home country of Venezuela is right now. 

"Being a Venezuelan living abroad is kind of like being someone who does CrossFit, the moment someone brings up the topic we cannot shut up about it," Hausmann says in the video. "Because to delve into Venezuela is like unpacking a little Russian doll of horrors." 

The Venezuelan comedian then breaks down how her country went from oil powerhouse to a place where citizens are forced to wait in 8-hour lines to buy basic food and hygiene products. 

"Let's start with how the place I love got f**ked," Hausmann says before discussing former president Hugo Chávez and his "minion successor" Nicolás Maduro's socialist revolution. 

Hausmann also covered the country's out-of-control inflation and free press infringement. 

“If any of you are like some of my friends, you may be like ‘Oh my god, I didn’t know it was that f**king bad,” she says in the video.

Watch Hausmann's full rant in the video above, for more information on what's behind Venezuela current economic crisis click here.



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