Venus Williams Accidentally Served A Ball Boy With A Hit To The Groin

This wasn't in the job description.

The Williams sisters had quite different days. 

While news of Serena William’s childbirth broke on Friday, Venus was out playing (and slaying) at the U.S. Open. But it wasn’t just her opponents that were getting smashed, as demonstrated by a small accident that occurred during the super star’s match against Greece’s Maria Sakkari.

Williams served up some insane power with a hit that eluded Sakkari and bounced right up to the ball boy. 

And his crotch.

We’re not entirely sure that’s in the ball boy job description. 

The poor guy attempted to catch the tennis ball that was heading straight for him when his hands slipped and the ball hit him right in the groin. There was still probably a lot of force behind the ball because he looked like he was in some pain. 

That’s not too surprising considering Williams’ 129 mph serve once had the record for the fastest serve in women’s tennis.

Ouch. Walk it off, kid. 



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