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Vera Wang Blogs About Her Leggings Uniform

Designer Vera Wang has gotten personal on her blog, starting a series entitled "Vera Unveiled." The subject of her first, get-to-know-the-real-Vera post? Her uniform. Hey, everyone's got one -- even Jackie O. had go-to garb. Vera writes:

I decided that, in a way, Jackie O, for example, her REAL uniform was pants. I believe they were Jack's at the time. And a t-shirt. A round neck, crew neck t-shirt. Forget all the nice dresses in the White House, the little suits and few evening gowns she wore. Her real uniform in her life was a pair of trousers and a t-shirt.

So what's Vera's uniform?

Mine is a legging--it used to be a jean when I was younger--but a legging and a t-shirt. A different t-shirt, a boy's tank, but nonetheless, there's a uniform. And then what I do on top becomes the fashion part, whether I wear knee-highs or hosiery. Or it could be a crazy belt. I also have an incredible collection of jackets and outerwear and tunics. These are the things that bring the fashion part to my uniform. But there is a uniform nonetheless.

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