Twitter's Verified Accounts With The Lowest Number Of Followers: Congratulations, @SevenFootWave

The 9 Verified Twitter Accounts With Less Than 50 Followers

You might think that "Verified" Twitter accounts are for highly-followed accounts only. The white check mark in the blue cloud -- which signifies that the user behind the account is authentically who they claim to be -- graces the profiles of blockbuster tweeters like @LadyGaga (30,232,125 followers), @BarackObama (20,773,446 followers), and @ParisHilton (8,941,551 followers).

Not all verified users, however, have follower counts in the millions. In fact, of the 36,250 verified accounts on Twitter, at least nine of them belong to accounts with less than fifty followers, according to new research from Beevolve.

Here are your verified Twitter users with the lowest follower counts:


The "winner" is @SevenFootWave, the Twitter account of the band of the same name, who tweeted six times between March and July 2010 and never again; the band has still managed to accumulate four followers (as of press time), which means that the wave of the band's name has more feet in it than its Twitter account has followers. Neither the band's Facebook page nor its official website has been updated since mid-2010, when two of the band's songs were featured on an episode MTV's "Laguna Beach"; it doesn't appear likely, then, that @SevenFootWave will return to tweeting or shoot up in follower count any time soon.

Among the other verified accounts with fewer than fifty followers: @ShoreClub, a Canadian lobster restaurant which tweeted once in August 2011 and never again; @MustangNews, which follows no one, never tweeted, doesn't have a profile picture and does not provide any profile information of its purpose whatsoever; and @DaBackWudz, which is actually an excellent rap duo out of Atlanta responsible for the infectious 2005 hit, "You Gonna Luv Me":

(Alas, Da Backwudz never replicated their rap success on Twitter: They haven't tweeted since 2009, unless you count a spam tweet sent out in 2011 bragging that they "made $482 today working a few hour [sic] from home !")

Anyway, if @SevenFootWave and its four followers can get verified, perhaps that gives the rest of us hope that we, too, will one day be verified. After all -- not to brag or anything -- but I do have more than four followers. Where's my check mark, Twitter??

For a complete list of verified Twitter accounts, you can just visit the account of @Verified and scan through the list of who they follow. While you're on, you can follow the (verified) HuffPostTech Twitter account here, and the (unverified) account of the author of this piece here.

For more wild Twitter factoids and research, Beevolve's exhaustive Twitter study here.

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