Verizon Doesn't Like Your Politics -- A Taste of a Post-Net-Neutrality World [Updated]

Adam Liptak's article in today's New York Times tells a story that will be repeated again and again if the public loses net neutrality to the telecom lobby. NARAL, a pro-choice group that let's its members use text messaging to inform and update its members on pro-choice policy, had its program rejected by Verizon. While NARAL's program continues to be employed by many other carriers, Verizon has decreed that its customers may not receive their updates.

So, Verizon doesn't like your politics -- not your particular political view mind you, their spokesman, Jeffrey Nelson stresses, "It is the topic itself" -- abortion -- "that has been on our list." So, its just that you have a view at all, and that you would like to express it over your phone (via text) that they don't like.

Net Neutrality has not been a sexy issue beyond the geek circle, what with Democrats reeling over the insanity of the Lieberman-Kyl amendment that facilitates bombing Iran, but let me tell you folks, the telecoms are going to hit you like no Iranian would or could, right in your home and private life.

People have been turning away from television and mainstream media in droves because most of it is canned junk. They've been turning to the Internet because the content is rich and unfiltered, diverse and surprising. And for that you can thank Net Neutrality.

UPDATE: As of an hour ago, Verizon has reversed its position keeping its role in this issue to lobbying and out of the courts for the time being.