Verizon-Compatible iPhone To Be Built In December, Suppliers Say

Suppliers: Apple Building Verizon-Compatible iPhones

Apple Insider is the source of the latest "Verizon iPhone" rumor, which speculates that Apple will have millions of Verizon-compatible iPhones in production later this year.

Analyst Jeffrey Fidacaro with Susquehanna Financial Group said in a note to investors on Wednesday that checks with overseas suppliers indicated Apple is prepared to build 3 million CDMA iPhones in December, keeping the device on track for an early 2011 launch. That would put total GSM and CDMA iPhone production for the quarter at between 21 million and 22 million.

This latest rumor comes a day after AT&T chief executive Randall Stephenson said he was not concerned about losing iPhone exclusivity. According to MarketWatch, "At an investor conference sponsored by Goldman Sachs, Randall Stephenson acknowledged that Apple Inc.'s iPhone 4 is currently driving 'a lot' of AT&T's smart-phone sales, or what he calls 'integrated devices.' But he said that these sales are locking in many customers into long-term contracts that will not end just because the iPhone goes to another carrier."

In August, TechCrunch contributor argued that "some key dynamics in the semiconductor value chain" suggested that we should expect to see a CDMA iPhone in January 2011.

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