Verizon's Controversial $350 Termination Fee: MediaBytes with Shelly Palmer December 22, 2009

The FCC is abuzz about Verizon's new $350 cancellation fee. Verizon claims that the $350 fee is due to the fact that the devices that carry the excessive fee are expensive devices that cost the company more, hence the fees. However, Verizon's defense is seen by many as an excuse, as other popular wireless companies usually charge between $150-200 for an early termination of contract.

Hulu has launched a new search feature to help users find the content they want. Captions Search lets users search quotes from shows, and searches through the closed captioning, in order to identify specific pieces of content. The new search function will be especially helpful for Hulu users who are looking for particular segments on shows like Saturday Night Live, the Daily Show, Colbert Report and The Tonight Show.

Apple's subscription TV service is getting a boost from negotiations with Disney and CBS. Apple hopes to sell subscription TV over the internet beginning in 2010, giving users an alternative to broadcast and cable. The talks come at the same time rumors that Apple may start a similar subscription music service.

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