Vermont Couple Married At Walmart Where They Met

An assistant manager pronounced Joanne and William Boulander in front of a display of flowers.

The bride wore black, but that wasn’t the most unusual thing about a wedding in Berlin, Vermont, last week.

The couple chose to get married in a Walmart, with the ceremony performed by an assistant manager, according to news reports.

Joanne and William Boulanger, both employees at the Walmart, met there. They had planned to get married at the local courthouse when the retailer’s personnel manager offered the store as a venue, according to

The ceremony was set for the employee break-room area with assistant manager Todd Soble, who is also a minister, officiating. But at the last minute, the wedding was moved to the area of the store where fresh flowers are on display.

“We’re gathered here today to celebrate one of life’s greatest moments, the joining of two hearts, and to give recognition to the worth and the beauty of your love,” Soble is heard saying in a video of the wedding.

The couple had not thought about the attention their wedding might receive on social media. “We were just doing it because it was fast, it was easy, it was convenient,” Joanne said.

Tens of thousands of people viewed the wedding video after it was posted to the store’s Facebook page.

“Join our winning team here in Berlin and maybe you’ll find your soulmate too!!!!!!!!!,” the Walmart post said.

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