Verne Troyer, 'Austin Powers' Mini Me, Donates To Charity Targeted By Thieves

Verne Troyer stepped up to make a donation to an Irish charity after thieves made off with a substantial amount of funds.

The Compass Advocacy Network, a Northern Ireland organization that helps kids with learning disabilities, was reeling last month after thieves broke into its headquarters and stole 1,000 pounds, reports. The organization was particularly heartbroken since the organization's members had collected the funds.

"They wanted to raise money for children who are not as fortunate as themselves," Linda McKendry, Manager of Compass Advocacy Network, told the news outlet.

But Austin Powers' Mini Me wouldn't let the charity remain devastated for long.

The actor, who recently met up with a group of kids from the organization in Belfast, has given over a generous, but undisclosed amount, to help Compass Advocacy Network out, according to BBC.

According to the news outlet, Verne wrote a heartfelt letter accompanying his contribution:

"I heard what happened and I just wanted to help you and the kids. Also, remember you can do anything you set your mind to, always be optimistic."