Verne Troyer Responds To Katy Perry's Halftime Show In Best Way Possible

Katy Perry's halftime show during Super Bowl XLIX was probably most memorable for the costumed people around her, specifically dancing sharks that pretty much stole the show. After the Super Bowl had finished and the New England Patriots had won the Lombardi Trophy, actor Verne Troyer celebrated his team's success by responding to Perry's performance with a photo of himself wearing his very own shark costume. Troyer posted to Facebook, Twitter and Reddit, claiming, "Dear Katy Perry, I wore it better." Troyer originally posted the image during 2014's Shark Week:

One of the top comments on this new Reddit thread told Troyer that he was "missing the laser beams attached to their heads." This, of course, is a reference to Troyer's role as Mini-Me in "Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery."

Troyer also posted a photo with Tom Brady:




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