Watch The First 8 Minutes Of The 'Veronica Mars' Movie Now!

The closer we get to the premiere of the "Veronica Mars" film, the more Rob Thomas and company seem determined to have us lining up around our local theaters, aching to get in. After recently releasing the first two minutes of the film online, they've upped the ante considerably.

Warner Bros. released the first eight minutes of the movie to Fandango. While those first two minutes served as a kind of refresher as to how Veronica spent her teenage years as a crime-solving slueth, the ensuing six get to the business of kicking off her latest adventure.

Finally, we get to see the adult Veronica in action. We get to see her interview for a job, as well as spend some quality time on her relationship with Piz. And most importantly, we get the launch of the mystery at the center of this crowd-funded film.

We're not sure if they'll offer us any more minutes in anticipation of the film's March 14 release, but they don't have to. If we weren't hooked before, we're definitely on board now. Mission accomplished, guys!

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