'Veronica Mars' Movie Starts Filming In Los Angeles (PHOTOS)

It's officially underway! Filming began on the "Veronica Mars" movie on Monday in Los Angeles and creator Rob Thomas and star Kristen Bell giddily tweeted photos from the set.

Bell donned her Neptune t-shirt and had her "Veronica Mars"-themed binder, bust and duffle bag in hand for her first day of filming, while Thomas snapped a photo of his and Bell's chairs on set.

veronica mars movie

Thomas also shared a look at "Neptune's Hottest Nightclub," called 09ER, which refers to the rich Neptune students from the fictional 90909 zip code.

Check out a photo of Bell filming a scene with Dohring in front of the 09ER club.

veronica mars movie filming

And in case you were wondering, this is what Bell does in her downtime.

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