'Veronica Mars' Movie Teaser: Neptune High Reunion, Behind-The-Scenes Footage (VIDEO)

The first "Veronica Mars" movie teaser has arrived.

In the featurette above, the movie cast and director/writer Rob Thomas talk about the Kickstarter campaign that funded the movie and reunited the former TV family for the "Veronica Mars" movie. Along with the behind-the-scenes footage, Warner Bros. released the first look at the film. It includes Logan (Jason Dohring) calling Veronica Mars (Kristen Bell) for help, a very wet group of men and scenes from the Neptune High 10 year reunion.

The last time viewers saw Veronica Mars, she was walking off into a rain storm after botching her father's chances at being reelected sheriff. Since then, Thomas said Veronica transfered schools, got a degree and went to law school. And she hasn't seen Logan since.

“I don’t know what he was up to, and what [series creator Rob Thomas] made him do was way beyond what I would think,” Dohring told VH1 about his character's whereabouts. “He’ll be pretty different. He had a life-changing experience between when the show ended and when the movie began, so it’s all funneling through the movie."

After the movie, the story of "Veronica Mars" continues in a book series developed and co-written by Thomas. Is that it for the character? CNN asked Bell if the movie will provide closure and a chance to move on. "No. This could be my whole life. And by the way, what a lucky life it would be if it were," Bell said. "There's no formula for it, because it just has never been done before. Except -- and I'm just throwing it out there -- 'Star Trek' did it. They did a TV show and then nine movies. Who knows? Why can't we make a couple films? Or continue to produce content of 'Veronica Mars'? It gets tricky because television contracts legally only allow you to do one episode of a different show. They purchase you. I am now the face of 'House of Lies.' So the only way I would be able to reprise Veronica Mars (on TV) is in movie form."

Is Netflix an option to continue the story a la "Arrested Development"? Bell said, "There are some loopholes that we are already investigating."

Check out the full "Veronica Mars" Comic-Con panel below.

"Veronica Mars" hits theaters in 2014.

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