'Very Bad Men': Man Abducted And Sexually Assaulted His Former Neighbor, Taking Her Virginity (VIDEO)

'Very Bad Men': Man Abducted, Sexually Assaulted 63-Year-Old Virgin

Lois Pearson was and tortured for nearly two weeks by her former neighbor. The story of this deeply religious 63-year-old woman was told on "Very Bad Men."

Pearson was even still a virgin, hoping God was holding a special place for her in Heaven. But Jeffrey Maxwell took that from her -- beating and sexually torturing her -- even hanging her up on a deer-skinning machine in his home.

"Whippin’ me just as hard as he can," Pearson said. "He said, 'By the time I get through with you, you’re not even gonna believe in God.'" She admitted that she is tortured by the memories of her torture still every day. But his ploy to destroy her faith didn't work. It was her faith that got her through, and has helped her heal.

"He answered my prayers and spared my life," Pearson told CBS News. "That man was going to kill me; he had no choice but to kill me, because I could identify him and he didn't want to go to prison."

Police finally caught Maxwell when he tried to cash a check he’d made Pearson write for him during the 12 days he held her. He was sentenced to three life sentences in February 2012, and will not be eligible for parole until he is 119 years old.

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