Cheeky Jeans Cost $1,700 To Reveal Your Bare Bum

How low can you go?

If you’re looking for the perfect pair of pants to show off your entire bum, this design house has just the jeans for you.

Vetements, a haute-streetwear collective, recently introduced a less-than-practical line of jeans from a collaboration with Levi’s. Available in a few different styles ― including corduroy― the pants are a patchwork of different shades and uncomfortably placed zippers.

The zippers actually work, which means you (or someone else) can unzip the pants, revealing whatever you do or don’t have on underneath. You’d think for the outrageous $1,715 price tag, one could expect some more coverage. (And it’s even steeper for a corduroy version, pricing in at $1,985.)

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Butt Vete-a-minute ― if pants without bottoms aren’t quite your thing, why not just buy assless chaps? A pair available at Walmart will only set you back around $70.


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The pants are sold out at Nordstrom, but if you’re still in the market, Net-A-Porter still has some of the zip-detailed high-rise jeans (and the corduroy version!) left:


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