Political Activist Bob Becker Arrives on Vieques as Relief Starts to Trickle In

Becker landing on first relief flight from the U.S. mainland
Becker landing on first relief flight from the U.S. mainland

The small Puerto Rican outer island is very slowly getting some attention and help. On Monday, a plane from the U.S. mainland carried to Vieques 1000 pounds of relief supplies, including 10 satellite phones.

The small jet landed in Vieques as part of a trip organized by Vieques Love, a relief group created in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. The flight brought political consultant Robert Becker, a veteran of five presidential campaigns who owns a house on the island, to help others on Vieques with the relief and recovery.

On its return, the plane brought Andy Ramos, 36, a Vieques police officer fighting advanced lung cancer. Ramos, who now lives in New York, where he is being treated at NYU, was visiting his family when Hurricane Maria hit. Airlifted yesterday, he is now back in New York and will head back to NYU for treatment on Thursday.

The relief organization plans at least two flights this week that will carry critical medical and communications equipment.

With its satellite phones, the organization has established two command posts—one manned by Mark Martin at the Vieques Trust in Esperanza and one by Angie Adams at the hospital.

While some progress is being made, it is essential for FEMA and the military to become involved in relief, said Brittany Roush, one of the principals of Vieques Love. She told me by phone from her Washington office today, “Our organization has been created to rebuild the island, but due to the lack of government intervention, circumstances have forced us to quickly help with relief efforts.”

In other key developments:

*The ferry that connects the main island to Vieques has been restored with two roundtrips per day. Today the the first delivery of gasoline and diesel were delivered.

*Banco Popular has reopened its office.

*Al’s Mara Zul - a popular watering hole by the ferry landing has reopened, according our sources.

To contribute to #ViequesLove visit its page.

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