Veterans are Life Long Learners

Veterans are Life Long Learners
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Lifelong learning, can't say it enough, is extremely important. No matter where you are in life it's one of the strategies that will keep you competitive and moving forward. This doesn't always have be just getting a degree or certification. There are so many resources available that are free on the internet that can be just as important and easily leveraged. Some of the resources that are producing the best content at this point in time are:

  • Blogs
  • LinkedIn Groups
  • Podcasts
  • White Papers
  • eBooks
  • Various Ivy league college course materials

Some of the leading experts are pouring their intellectual property right into these free resources and making them available.

"Never stop learning, because life never stops teaching." - Unknown

If you do not have a formal degree or certification in your industry I would highly recommend that you pursue this benefit. Most all job descriptions are written to include these as a core requirement of the position. This will allow you to be more competitive in the job market. There are many colleges that now allow online courses and interaction to make it easier for working students. The use of your military educational benefits is a must, this is almost impossible to replicate with any company. There are some companies who pay a small portion and a very rare few who pay a significant amount towards a degree.

"The capacity to learn is a gift; the ability to learn is a skill; the willingness to learn is a choice." - Brian Herbert

The sooner you can start this journey the better. Being educationally aligned to your industry prior to transitioning will certainly be a competitive advantage. However if that is not possible be sure that it is a priority as soon as it can be. Many learning institutions are setting standards for Veterans to be able to be highly successful in their educational endeavors.

There are some pretty amazing opportunities to learn among networks of people as well. Some are free and some have a monthly cost associated with them. Either way you choose is beneficial in that you will be surrounding yourself with like-minded people. One of the most beneficial types of networks that typically costs money are Masterminds. You get into some pretty in depth discussions and hold each other accountable along the way. At any point with these groups you can ask questions and receive almost instantaneous support.

Landmark Life Coaching's Mission is to honorably and respectfully serve courageous groundbreakers and transitioning veterans to persevere in defining and executing their future by providing an atmosphere of comradery and trust that honors their dedication and commitment. This will empower our clients to feel whole, honored, respected and fulfilled in defining and living their life purpose.

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