Veterans For Rethinking Afghanistan

Veterans For Rethinking Afghanistan
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In honor of Veterans Day, I ask all of you to contemplate the sacrifices of our soldiers and listen to them. If President Obama were considering these sacrifices and hearing their voices, he would not escalate troops in Afghanistan.

Military escalation is not the solution. More troops will not destroy Al-Qaeda, nor will they stabilize Pakistan. On the contrary, their presence will only escalate the violence, worsen conditions for the Afghan civilians, and contribute to the Taliban recruiting effort. Security is needed in the region, but it is a security that must be borne by the Afghan people, not by American and Coalition forces. Viewed as foreign occupants, American soldiers continue to die.

Combat operations in Afghanistan must stop. Listen to the soldiers who served on the front lines.

The blood of American troops is on the line. Join me and the veterans in asking President Obama not to escalate troops in Afghanistan.

Sign the petition at, and we will deliver this to the hands of President Obama.

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