Donald Trump Is Now 'America's No. 1 Traitor,' Says Veterans Group

"Benedict Arnold can step aside," VoteVets says in its latest anti-Trump attack ad.

Donald Trump has taken over from Benedict Arnold as “America’s number one traitor,” according to a group of veterans seeking to vote the president out of office this November.

“No one has betrayed those in uniform like Donald Trump,” said the voiceover in the latest ad released by the progressive PAC VoteVets on Friday.

The 65-second spot references Trump’s siding with Russia’s President Vladimir Putin over U.S. intelligence on Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election and his dismissal of reports that U.S. officials knew Russia allegedly paid Taliban members to kill American troops.

“This July Fourth, Benedict Arnold can step aside, because Benedict Donald is America’s number one traitor,” the voiceover concluded.

The #BenedictDonald and #TRE45ON hashtags trended on Twitter as the ad was viewed more than 2 million times in its first 12 hours online.

VoteVets last month tore into Trump over the Russian bounty reports with this scathing video:

It also slammed Trump in May over what it described as “the most inappropriate” Memorial Day comment that a president has ever made:

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