Veterans Master The Power Of Influence

Influence, what a powerful concept. History has shown that this can have both a negative and positive implication depending on how it's used. Our nation has played a large role in always shaping how the world operates. This has been done in many ways but one of the leading ways we have done it is through protecting our allies no matter what. The use our military across history has been a strong influence in our relationships with other countries. Our last decade of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have required that our military members influence the citizens and military forces of those nations to take and maintain control over the future for their own safety and growth. This is a very hardcore strength to develop as there is a fine line between manipulation and influence in some cases. Your integrity will certainly be a guide to know that you are doing what is best for servicing or supporting the benefits of both sides.

The very definition of influence, the capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behavior of someone or something, or the effect itself, outlines a focus on the end result. When dealing with influence always keep the end result in mind. This core strength is not only important in the military but also in corporate business world. The ability to be able to have influence to affect change, build consensus or create a solid following is important to survival within any given industry. You will see many cases in the corporate environment where the use of influence is clearly falling into manipulation or pushing a personal agenda.

"Leadership is influence." - John Maxwell

  • There are many benefits to developing influence as a core strength:
  • Habits will develop that attract like mind people
  • You will be seen as a trusted Leader
  • You will have a positive effect on those around you
  • Others will be empowered

I've had several occasions where I have been brought into an organization that has Departments or Contracts that were not performing well and needed and immediate turn around to avoid significant negative results. In each of these situations I have gone in and performed various forms of observation to get a good feel for the situation without being tainted with any biases that others already in the situation would bring to my attention. My goal is not to affect the change that is required but rather to influence those in the situation to affect the change themselves. In the end, they own the process of change and are prepared to carry on the required changes when I am no longer involved in the process. There have been times when I will influence existing leadership to change out those that are clearly not going to be part of the solution. One technique that is very useful in helping to influence change in these situations after extensive observation is to become very inquisitive with my questions to allow the individuals to self-discover where things are not going well and that a change is needed. This becomes very empowering to those involved as they have identified the crux of the situation and determined what they will need to do to fix the situation.

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