6 Veterans Who Are Creating Real Change In Politics, Business, Service

A nonprofit is aiming to advance the conversation surrounding vets -- holding what are essentially TED talks to share "big ideas" and innovations surrounding the military community.

Got Your 6, a nonprofit working to empower military leaders to become civic leaders, hosted a storytelling event in New York on Friday to highlight ideas from veterans who are making an impact in politics, business and other arenas.

Six veterans share their thoughts below:

Jake Wood: Co-founder & president of nonprofit Team Rubicon.
"Community Response: Harnessing the Will of Affected Populations in Disaster Recovery"

Karen Courington: Advises on national security legislative and policy issues as the Military Legislative Assistant for Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA).
"Changing Congress; From Shutdown to Startup"

Tony Woods: Served in the Obama administration as a White House Fellow in the US Office of Personnel Management.
"Thank You for Your Service: Redefining the All Volunteer Force"

Jake Harriman: Nuru International CEO, Stanford Graduate School of Business alum.
"The New Front Lines: Fighting for Choice and Hope in the War Against Extreme Poverty"

Tim Kudo: Deputy Policy Director of Christine Quinn’s campaign for Mayor of New York City.
"Chaos and Conscience: The Value of Experienced Moral Decision Makers in the Civilian World"

Rob Gordon: Chief Strategy Officer for APX Labs; former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Military Community and Family Policy.
"If Only: Technologies to Improve the Human Experience"

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