VFX Town Hall Meeting Urges Trade Association and Union

However, panelists also acknowledged the difficulty of achieving either goal.

Pi Day - a multi-city international meeting of VFX artists - took place Thursday evening amid rising concern about the state of the industry.

VFX vet Scott Ross and others outlined a plan that involves the formation of a VFX union for VFX artists and of a trade association for visual effects facilities, all aimed at addressing the troubled VFX business model.

"Fear has stopped us because we have six clients [the studios]," Ross told them. "We are fearful of losing our jobs; [but] we are losing our jobs. ... It's going to get worse until we do something."

Ross - a co-founder and ex-CEO of Digital Domain, a former GM of Industrial Light & Magic and a senior vp at LucasArts - also stated that through outreach "almost all" of the major facilities in North America  "have agreed to investigate the possibilities of a trade association. ... They seemingly want to effect change."

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