Vibrant 91-Year-Old Teaches Us All How To Stay Young At Heart

Be like Flossie!

Ninety-one might seem pretty old, but for Flossie Lewis, it feels like being a teenager.

"Getting old is a state of mind. I'm 91 I'm badly crippled, but I still think I'm 15," she says in a new video clip for PBS NewsHour's Brief but Spectacular series, which premiered on Facebook.

Lewis lives in a senior living community in the San Francisco area, but says age and circumstance haven't changed her enthusiasm for life.

A retired English teacher, Lewis explains she still manages to find ways to enrich her life and fulfill herself -- whether it's writing for the community paper, going for a daily walk or showing off a wicked sense of humor.

"The other way I keep being stimulated is just watching politics. And if that isn’t enough to drive you crazy, I don’t know what is," she jokes.

Lewis doesn't gloss over the hard parts of aging -- whether it's realizing you need a hearing aid or experiencing frequent indigestion. But there's a silver lining.

"The body is going to go but the personality doesn’t have to go, and that thing which is the hardest to admit is that character doesn’t have to go," Lewis says. 

There's still plenty to look forward to. Watch the video above to find out what Lewis says is the icing on the cake, the real "treat."

Thanks, Flossie. We needed that. 



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