The History Of Vibrators Proves We've Come A Long Way Since 1883

Now that you can buy vibrators at stores like CVS and Target, it's probably safe to say that sex toys are becoming more mainstream than ever.

But how did we get here from the first vibrator, invented in 1883 to treat "female hysteria" (now immortalized in a Hugh Dancy-helmed film?)

A new infographic produced by LifeStyles condoms charts the history of "personal massagers" and other devices. An estimated one in three American women currently owns one, suggesting that any taboos linked to sex toys is dissipating.

"Couples are less willing to tolerate lousy sex," sex therapist and clinical psychologist David Schnarch told USA Today. "People have much higher expectations... Introducing a vibrator into a sexual relationship is now much more common in the U.S. and much less fraught with protecting a man's precious ego than it might have been 15 or 20 years ago."

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