VICE Goes Inside Medellin, Colombia's Fashion Week (VIDEO)

The provocateurs at Vice have just released the latest in a series of videos tracking down the world's most under-the-radar, unexpected and interesting fashion weeks. This time, it's Medellin, the Colombian fashion capital that also happens to be the hometown of notorious drug kingpin Pablo Escobar.

But, just 90 seconds into the clip, host Charlet Duboc declares "We're going to have a big, fashionable time and not take any cocaine." It's the sort of comment that sets the tone for the typically edgy video which could rate as not safe for work even if you work at a fashion house.

There's more to the program than just cliches, however. Duboc finds a class divide in the Colombian conceptions of fashion, as well as a strikingly diverse cityscape in Medellin. From trade shows to the high-fashion runway to a native event celebrating the idea of purely Colombian beauty, which translates to models with "help" from copious amounts of plastic surgery, the idea of local fashion proves surprisingly slippery.

"It is often implied that to be beautiful there is a need to have surgery," one local tells Duboc. "Not just the breasts but also the face. Everything."

It's an assertion Vice checks into in the second and third parts of the show -- along with a meeting with Roberto Escobar, Pablo's brother.