Vice President Biden Gets Wilmington Amtrak Station Named For Him

Joe Biden Gets His Own Amtrak Station

Vice President Biden received a huge honor in the world of Amtrak riders on Saturday when the Wilmington Amtrak train station got renamed the Joseph R. Biden, Jr. Railroad Station.

Biden, flanked by his family, told the crowd that "The truth is, I don't deserve this, unless you reward longevity," according to He added: "Everything, good or bad in my career, the first people I encountered were getting on the train. They were the first ones there for me. I mean, literally. They would say, 'Joe, it's going to be OK.' "

Throughout his career, Biden has often talked about the people he met on the trains in the 36 years he rode Amtrak every day from Wilmington to Washington. He even blogged for the Huffington Post about the importance of trains in America.

Along with the renaming ceremony, a new exhibit highlighting the station's heritage also opened (according to the Wilmington station is the nation's 12th busiest).

Biden has been the primary point person for the station's renovation, a two-year, $37.7 million refurbishing, NBC Philadelphia reported.

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