Former Mexican President Vicente Fox Tears Into Donald Trump Over DACA

"Ending DACA is on the top of the vilest acts you've pulled off. You're destroying the legacy of greater men before you."

Vicente Fox has taken aim at President Donald Trump over his decision to rescind the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

Mexico’s former president posted a series of tweets on Tuesday in which he condemned Trump’s actions in the strongest possible terms.

Fox, who previously slammed Trump over his proposal to build a wall on the Mexico-U.S. border, described ending DACA as being “on the top of the vilest acts you’ve pulled off.”

“You’re destroying the legacy of greater men before you,” he added.

He then suggested that Trump was terminating the program, which allows the children of undocumented immigrants to legally stay in the U.S., because he needed to prove himself “worthy” after “TrumpCare failed.”

Fox later posted a 64-second video in which he claimed that Trump had “failed America” by canceling the program, which has now been punted to Congress.

“It is the worst action you have ever done against the ones that cannot defend themselves,” he said. “This measure is cruel and heartless, worse than any machine. You’re cancelling the future of 800,000 children and young people.”

Check out the video here:

Fox said that the “future of any countries is in the minorities which will be majorities in a few years” and warned Trump that he “cannot stop the change, the progress, the future of that great nation.”

“I hope your grandsons will never be in this terrible situation,” he added.

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