Former Mexican President Vicente Fox Says He'll Pay For Donald Trump's Wall

But not the one you think.

Mexico’s former president used Twitter to troll President Donald Trump during his first congressional speech.

As Trump addressed Congress on Tuesday, Vicente Fox called on U.S. citizens to “wake up,” “stay united,” “question everything” and “act bravely” in the face of the new White House administration.

Fox, who was Mexico’s president from 2000 to 2006, has famously stated his country would not fund Trump’s proposed southern border wall. He’s repeatedly dropped the F-bomb to highlight his point, and regularly sets the #fuckingwall hashtag trending on Twitter.

So when Trump told Congress that there would be a “great, great wall” on the Mexican border, he didn’t hold back. Fox posted artist Chris Britt’s cartoon of Trump trapped inside a brick wall:

“This is the wall I would pay to get it done as fast as possible,” he wrote. The post has since gone viral.

Fox also had plenty else to say about Trump during the speech. Here’s a sampling below:

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